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    SINSINPRAKCON is a product developer and a specialized manufacturer of plastic-formed products (medical supplies containers and medical onitment)

    Being a company that puts high priority on integrity and good reputation. SINSINPRAKCON has committed itself in fully satisfying the customers through the exceptional skills, accumulated experiences and extensive expertise of its personnel in the products development field.

    For twenty years, we have been doing constant research and development, and exerting our utmost efforts in order to come up with diversified and highly reliable injection molding products, vacuum forming products and other specialized products that are created to suitably respond to our customer’s need. since established, we are as a reliable domestic and exporting company that clearly reflect the values of brand image and corporate identity.

    For our customer’s satisfaction, we promise do one’s utmost to satisfy my customers and give sincerity & trust to our customer. we look forward to your continued support and encouragement.

    Thank you.

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