Medical plastic container partner
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    SINSIN Prakcon Lee Eui-Jun 1994. 2. 1 +82-32-555-8682

    Bussiness Manufacturing of medication containers (injection and vaccine containers, various types of injection, liquid medicine containers, liquid medicine containers, fluid sets for copper solutions, animal medicine infusion, acupuncture cups, OEM ODM expertise)
    Certifications Certification of venture company / Innobis certification / Register design of various injection containers / patent registration of injection containers / patent registration of injection pressure containers / registration of multiple gas discharge containers


    82, Hagunsandan 1-ro, Yangchon eup, Gimppo-si, Gyeonggi-do (Hagun-ri 3381)
    TEL : +82-32-555-8682    / FAX : +82-32-555-8684    / E-mail :
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